Monday, August 11, 2014

Class of 2023 Khoi Thurmond - The King is Here, The King is Here

Changing of the guard is taking new meaning with emergence of another Chicago product – “King” Khoi Thurmond is taking the 2023 class by storm leaving defenders in his wake all across the country.  Many players often attempt to avoid challenges in an effort to control their specific market.  Thurmond is seeking it out going on a proverbial tour this summer seeking out the very best and the baddest ballers in his class.

His final stop of the summer will land him in Washington DC where he will meet the stiffest competition in his specific age group to date.  Khoi who really has begun to show the ability to dominate in a high percentage fashion as a scoring lead;  still may be the best pace setter and passer in what is a very talented group of 2023 guards. 

The bottom-line is that Khoi has a realistic chance of being one of the top players in the country; if not the #1 prospect.  The Thurmond vs Newhouse match-up will happen in DC in front of scouts and camera’s and will go a long way in that determination, as will some of the most anticipate youth basketball match-up seen in several years at this young age group.  The players simple keep getting better at a younger age; the sophistication and training element continues to amaze across the board as it translates to on court performance - youth players are performing a lot of skill set that 10 to 15 years ago were exclusively belonging to high school players or above.  

Khoi is "that guy" and the poster boy for advanced development.  

Without question Thurmond will represent;  a true point guard that in addition to being a scorer from anywhere on the floor he is a excellent ball handler and passer. Thurmond will hit the mid-range and three point jumpers off the catch, dribble, or under contest anywhere in the half court and also has an impressive stop and pop pull-up game – one that many older kids would die for.  He is well drilled, tough, and hungry – he wants to be best and we will get a chance to "Crown the King" in a few weeks as National Rankings are less than 45-days away; does he have what it takes - see  below to find out.

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