Tuesday, August 26, 2014

BBall Spotlight Future Phenom Camp: Donnell Harris New National Showstopper

Donnell Harris used the BBall Spotlight Future Phenom camp weekend as his personal showcase and coming out party; the new star of the class of 2021 dominated from start to finish securing a spot in the camp All-Star game and taking home the camps MVP award for the class. 

Starting on the defensive end Harris is a shot blocking stud; he has enormous length and good timing but what is most impressive about him is his ability to try and challenge as many shots as possible for a young front court player. By merely contesting shots on his own man or chasing down an opponent's his presence is felt anytime anyone gets near the lane.  Donnell plays with energy and urgency. He run the floor well and in transition he can catch on the move and finish; he showed a great ability to seal his defender in the low post for point blank scoring position whenever he desired. 
With a prototypical basketball frame and an intense support network which include a dad with great size and length; the 6’2 Harris has a huge upside and a high ceiling as there is still ample room for physical and skill growth.  Donnell Harris has merely scratched the surface of what he will be before he steps into high school – he is a must watch moving forward.  Previously P2BBall witnessed Harris playing up a year in the 2020 age group at AAU Nationals where he was also effective; but in the 2021 class he is a game changer and a unstoppable force scoring equally as well versus double teams and sometimes triple teams.  He exhibited patience in the post and looked to create passing lanes for penetrating guards stepping to open spots catching and finishing consistently.  When he did miss, he was his best rebounder – statistically he produced double doubles every game he played. 

Harris has the athleticism to play all 3 front court positions and in the future Harris projects to be an ideal combo forward. One thing for sure and two things for certain Harris is going to be a problem for years to come - with the prowess to scores in a variety of ways inside the arc using quick straight line slashes and baseline finishes his overall package will without question have him rated as one of the nation’s best in our upcoming national rankings.

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