Tuesday, August 26, 2014

BBall Spotlight Future Phenom Camp - New Industry Leader in Exposure

The Inaugural BBall Spotlight Future Phenom Camp run by the Legendary Mike Melton, made a thunderous and historic entrance onto the national scene with epic weekend in the District of Columbia.  With over 275 players in attendance Spotlight has taken the market by storm - typically camps of this type take years to build such a following; the immediate success and popularity of this event is nothing short of remarkable.  

In Future Phenom’s very first year they have immediately attracted the top players in the nation and internationally in each and every class.  Without question the line-up of top players in the country would rival any top tier exposure camps and surpasses the larger majority.  When asked Melton stated “We want the privilege of creating an environment where the best player come to compete on the highest level; if you love basketball at the highest level you want and need to be at BBall Spotlight Future Phenom Camp.”  

Evaluating the event in its entirety, it delivered the goods with respect to high end talent and size, media coverage, and awards.  Elite Coaching with included former NBA and professional players were also a major highlight and plus for the event.  Competitive and combative games at every level showed careful pre-camp evaluation and analysis with respect to team formulation.  Dream match-ups between top players helped all scouts in attendance make important determinations moving forward and added to the camp drama as onlookers were captivated watching and cheering each and every possession.

Whereas having the big national names is a mandate for a high end successful event; the true measuring stick thereafter that is often missed is the validation and introduction of new and upcoming talent – in this aspect BBall Spotlight hit a grand slam by having in attendance quality players that will soon be household national names at every level – stars were born at the Spotlight this past weekend! Mike Melton’s brilliant move of introducing the 2015 reclassifications to the their new classes added intrigue and allowed all in attendance a glimpse into the future as each performed admirably with their new group – many in dominating fashion.

Overall this is an event we were honored to cover, the attendees were ecstatic to attend, and those who missed have reported to be very disappointed for having done so.  Coach Francis, who Directed the event summed it very succinctly “every player who attended left better than when they walked in the door.”  At the end the day there is nothing more a player or parent can ask for from an elite level event.  

Stayed tuned to P2bball.com for continued coverage from BBall Spotlight Future Phenom Camp! 

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