Friday, August 1, 2014

Barrett Jr. & Nembhard: Domination is Universal

We first introduced you to 6’4” WG, Rowan Barrett Jr. & 6'0" PG Andrew Nembhard earlier this year; advising that each of them were tops at their respective positions and two of the top players nationally.  Well these two teammates on the Brampton Warriors have furthered their alliance and as well, their national profile.

Barrett and Nembhard together led their province squad; Team Quebec to the 2014 15U Gold Medal in dominating fashion – further cementing their status as not only tops in the US but also in their home country of Canada.  Nembhard reported played a phenomenal floor game and performed admirably as the consummate lead guard; running the team, setting up teammates, and scoring when the opportunity presented itself.  Nembhard who we have compared to county man Tyler Ennis continues to impress each time he takes the floor.  His stock continues to rise and he will without question be in the conversation September 15th as not only one of the nation’s top PG’s, but potentially also one of its top overall players.

The meteoric rise if Barrett continues to the sweep the land as he vies to become the #1 player in the class of 2019.  Nothing he did in the recent tournament detracted from this mission; Barrett scored at will throughout the event cumulating with a 37-point outburst in the Championship game which Quebec dominated from start to finish coasting to a 93-53 victory in the finals.  For the tournament Barrett also average 7.0 rebounds per game and shot an eye popping 62% from the field.

These two players are joys to watch as they approach and play the game like young pro’s; their IQ’s as well as their skill set both operate on an elite level.  Each is a humble hard worker and each continues to impress improving aspects and areas of their games that are visibly apparent each time they are viewed and evaluated.  Each of these players receives the “P2 Future Star Guarantee”; the ultimate seal of approval for future stardom.

In other news; the possibility of Barrett playing High School ball in the state remains an open possibility in the opinion of  Currently the reports out of Canada state that Barrett has recently enrolled in St. Marcellinus Secondary School in Mississauga and in turn due to complaints from unidentified/unconfirmed sources the Ontario Federation of School Athletics Association and the affiliate Region of Peel Secondary Schools Athletic Association will bar St. Marcellinus from competition for a period of 4-years.  This ban would result in the school and Barrett Jr. being unable to compete in any OFSAA or ROPSAA sanctioned competitions – this league and these events make up the countries toughest high school circuit.  

Canada and this governing body specifically has done this in the past to other high level players; the result?  Many have chosen to relocate and play their ball in the states as they seek to compete on the highest level available.  Again there has been no confirmation on this and a Barrett Jr. move to the states would at this point, simply be speculation; P2bball and staff will continue to monitor this situation as it progresses and will report as more information becomes available – as calls to the institution to date have not been returned.  Interest from High Schools within the United States already exist with Barrett Jr’s continued ascension to the top of national boards will only increase the demand and desire for his services. 



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