Friday, July 25, 2014

Rashad McDaniels - Making McBuckets at 6th Grade AAU Nationals

Rashard McDaniels - St. Louis Wildcats

One of the most exciting aspects of scouting is finding the next young superstar on the circuit and P2bball has undoubtedly done so!

RASHAD McDANIELS – Come to us directly from St. Louis and has burst onto the scene in a fashion no see in sometime.  McDaniels has overwhelmed the opposition at the 6th grade nationals and has lead his team the St. Louis Wildcats to a 3-0 start in pool play defeating the likes of the storied programs such as Team Takeover, Texas Elite, and Team Philly.

Rashad is a pure scorer who is capable of getting buckets from any spots on the floor. He has great size for his position with a long build, explosive athleticism, and the full range of offensive skills. He is quick off the bounce with a tight handle and corresponding range.  Moves on moves with quickness and speed have proved to be a unstoppable weapon – McDaniels attacks the defense without any setup moves.  His actions are deliberate and even with defenders geared to stop him their efforts have proven futile.  He comes at you in waves and stops on a dime to deliver quick release scoring shots that include lane finishes, pull-ups, and floaters from all over the floor.  One of the most relentless attackers from baseline to baseline that we have seen in the class, he has a motor that energizer would be proud of.  

A humble and quite kid, he is an offensive assassin but also see the court well and passes with flair and precision.  Having earned the respect of multiple teams and coaches upon P2’s arrival to the gym multiple sources descended upon us with the purpose and intent to advise of what/who they believe to be the next 2020 superstar and top prospect in the gym.  The level of respect from fellow teams, coaches, and peers is one seldom see at any level and speaks to the future stardom that we can expect from McDaniels.  A complete player on both ends he defends as hard as he plays on the offensive end and his sheer determination and effort impresses as well.  Playing unbelievable with a team of 6 players and this being his very first time on the national stage adds the amazement of onlookers and makes this moment in time even more special.  

Rashad is a must see and will next take the floor @ 10am vs the Wellington Wolves for a chance to move to the Sweet 16 of the 6th Grade AAU Nationals.  Can he continue this Danny Manning like Cinderella run?  Follow @P2bball on Twitter for live and continuous updates throughout the tournament to find out.


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