Monday, July 21, 2014

Marquise Walker - The 2nd City Assassin

When you think of nations top point guards in the class of 2019, what qualities come to mind?

Do you think of ball-handling or play-making skills…? Or has your paradigm shifted to include the multi-talented, super-gifted players that now “do it all” from the “1” ?

Throughout the years, many of the best point guards were “pass-first” points, focused almost exclusively on bringing the ball up, running the offense and distributing the rock to their teammates in scoring position.

More recently, we see that the players who run the point may be just as much of a scoring threat as anyone else on the court, while still delivering the ball to the rest of their team.

There is no longer a “right way” to play point in 2014. What matters most is that they are leading their team.

They run the show. And In some cases, they are the show.  Enter Chicago native Marquise Walker; who must be considered immediately not only as the top point guard, the top scoring guard, but possibly and arguably one of the best players in the class of 2019.  

Without question already one of the most explosive scorers in his class; Walker can play at either the point or the two and is a big and strong backcourt player who beats down defenders with his strength all over the floor. He has a propensity for hitting big, often difficult shots - a skilled scorer who can shoot from deep or attack off the dribble.  Walker is in his natural habitat when he's looking for his own offense and as stated is a big shot taker and maker who can also transform an offense with his creativity and passing ability as well as his ability to run a team and keep the defense honest with his range and consistent 3-ball.

He pushes the ball under control and makes good decisions at high speeds and is an excellent open court passer.  With the frame to add additional strength Walker can easily be a multi-category contributor and with a dedicated effort could push consistently for triple double numbers with a focused effort.  Flat out there are not many players in the country that can do the things that Walker does – those who question the viability of youth projections at this age; can make Walker the poster boy for P2ball as we will state right now for the record that you are seeing a mid-to-high major collegian player developing right before your eyes.  
Many of the attributes displayed by this young man cannot be taught; the will, toughness, and chip on the shoulder have been breed in the mean streets of Chicago.  His IQ and feel for when to take over games is reminiscent of another Chi-Town player we dare not mention.  Finally his inclusion as a member of the USA National Select team cements a resume that any top player would be proud of.   

With the end to the 2014 season quickly approaching and with Walker scheduled to attend the Bball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp; his ascension to the top of ranking may not be over.  When P2bball drops the year end rankings we expect Walker to be in the conversation as one of the nations best!

Marquise Walker will be  interviewed Live on "The Coach Francis Show" Tuesday July 22, 2014 at 11am EST tune in @ - find out what truly makes this future star tick.


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