Monday, July 21, 2014

"King" Khoi Thurman - The Mini-Monster of the Mid-Way

Consider this as a formal introduction (and warning) to the newest National Hoop Phenom and national nightmare; referred to P2bball by USA National Selects' Coach Francis –America meet Khoi Thurmond.  

Straight out of Chicago, Thurmond’s handle is straight up nasty.  Literally Khoi leaves defenders in his wake, laying on the court behind him, Thurman's court vision is more mature than many high school players and his feel for the game is a poised and natural one.  A pure passing point guard, who can score from anywhere on the floor when asked and also can finish up, over, or around a defender – there seems to nothing this kid cannot do with the ball in his hands already.  

Out of Chicago, Thurman trains 4 days per week, takes Friday off and give consistently gives players the business on the weekend;  look for Thurman to appear on the national stage in the coming months as a member of the now National Champion, USA National Select Team; where he will teamed with the best players in the country at his grade level.  

For those that can’t wait a moment longer to see this new national star we have multiple clips for your enjoyment.  The trusted source for youth basketball continues to bring you the news on the current and the future phenoms of youth basketball!


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