Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BREAKING NEWS - Kyree Banks officially Enters the 2020 Class w/ Boldness

 We've seen a lot of promising young talent on the basketball court in recent history, and the reclassification has been a culprit  for the birth of many future stars – as we continue this theme,


4'11" Kyree Banks, from Washington, DC - formally a member of the 2019 class; Banks will now move into the class of 2020 and battle the top guards in the country for supremacy.  Banks’ heart would already be rated #1 in the country and if his motor could be sold on the open market it would be a top seller for sure.  Couple that with what may be the best on ball defending skills from the lead position in 2020; and from a player who has a passion for defense he very quickly becomes a pesky player no one wants to have to deal with.

Banks can also dazzle with some incredible ball-handling and passing abilities; and with the extra year of experience, strength, and growth Kyree is poised for a breakout campaign.  Banks who was also part of the Elite 8 USA National Select squad that just left Myrtle Beach, SC; used his defense to dictate his offense; pushing the ball into the open court and creating angles that left the defenses in compromising positions.  He was able to deliver the ball to the right people at the right times and is becoming much better at pacing the game and taking what the defense gives him.  “His maturity and ability to act as a leader and coach on the floor as a reclassed player is what is going to set him apart from other top guards” said National Select Head Coach Bill Francis.

With so much of a penchant being placed in scoring; the appreciation for pure floor generalship is sometimes lost on the evaluation process – this is where Banks excels, old-school run your team, keep your scorers happy, and with his maturation and skill at controlling the pace and tempo he will surprise as coaches begin to select their players to run their programs as the next level.  

The jump shot and scoring is clearly developing and once honed completely it will further allow Banks to impact the game.  He refuses to not be accounted for on the court even if its simply forcing a block-out to occur or drawing a frustration foul or charge; all these are aspects to winning basketball and often overlooked.  

Banks refuses to be overlooked and as long as he maintains a high level national schedule and profile in the coming years you will continue to hear his name as he looks to make some big noise in the class of 2020 – you can see him in his new class and learn right away where he stands at the Future Phenom Camp in DC August 23rd and 24th; we will be front row to see where Banks and the other top 2020 guards stand. 


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