Friday, May 2, 2014

Kyree Walker - NYBL Welcome to HIS City

NYBL the basketball youth super league ventures down south this weekend to Atlanta, GA. Atlanta is famous for their skyline, the Fox Theatre, the centennial Olympic Park, Millennium Gate, the Georgia Aquarium, the Phoenix Statue and their Midtown skyline.  But ladies and gentlemen this is no leisure weekend; it's big time basketball and from that standpoint – Atlanta in known for Kyree Walker.  Walker plays “Big Boy” basketball and anyone trying to earn a rep this weekend in the 2020 class; may want to reschedule for another city.  The word is that the #2 player in the country is ready and prepared to put on show and frankly Walker has all the tangible tools to make it happen in a very big and powerful way.

Walker whose quite demeanor is simply a facade for a vicious killer assassin on the court – his smooth but physical style will entice you at first to think that you have a chance but somewhere between tip off and the end of the 3rd quarter his physical presence and relentless attacks on the paint wears on teams and defenses rendering them helpless in many cases.

Walker is already pushing 6’3 165bs; his frame already translates two levels up – there are collegians that are not as big as he is in the 6th grade.  With a father who stands an imposing 6’10 scouts, evaluators, and colleges already know that he is far from a finished product size wise and skill wise.  This is a player who can do things with the ball that most “bigs” only dream about – but he isn’t a big at all, he boast his varied skill set at the wing position where he often acts as the primary ball handler and facilitator.  Needless to say as a well tutored student of the game he too knows how to take advantage of his tools and isn’t afraid to let the coach know that he has a mismatch nor is he too egotistical to play down on the block and dominate for long stretches.  Many players only want to handle the ball, shoot jumpers, play outside in; for Kyree none of that matters what matters is domination and doing whatever he needs to get that job done -  he is always happy to do it.

From a projection standpoint Walker is one of our highest rated players in any class.  His immense size and combination of skill and movement make him a high major candidate and (yes we are going there) maybe even beyond.  Walker too like many of the nation’s elite players will be participating on the USA National Select Team ( with many of the other great players from across the country and this will only increase his profile and value.  In a phone call this morning with Head Coach Bill Francis; he confirmed our opinion stating “…Walker has hit the genetic lottery, the combination of size and skill is the blueprint that top colleges and NBA scouts are paid to find, putting him on the national circuit where he can compete at the highest level will ensure his future success…by pitting him against the best and him learning to play with the best – that’s what Olympians  and pros have to be able to do; I can’t wait to coach him and let my iron sharpen his.” This weekend many may come to Atlanta for vacation but we assure you, you will leave as part of "Kyree Nation"; check this kid out at the NYBL Session II ran by Rob Taylor; he will make a believer out of you too.

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