Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tyger Campbell – He’s Grrrrreeeeeaaat!

One of the most exciting players to hit the hoop scene in 2014 is Tyger Campbell of the Iowa Barnstormers and WACG All Stars.  Tyger boasts an electrifying handle that often mesmerizes defenders before his blows by them; a little Isaiah Thomas-ish in his approach he can devastate a defender and a team single handedly.  At 5’10 he has the scoring prowess to play the 2-Guard position with lethal effectiveness, displaying a consistent jumper that has very nice range; keeping with the player comparison theme think Kemba Walker.  

Campbell who was not on many pre-season national boards will be vying not only for a national top ranking at his position, but also a high ranking overall as he continues to prove his value for his clubs at both the 2019 & 2018 level.   He is virtually un-guardable in space as he pressures the defense with an advanced knowledge of how to approach the angles and gaps and use them to his advantage.  Combining this with his off bounce game which allows him to be effective from all three scoring levels and also the intellect to make adjustment to attack depths are skills that from a defender or coaching standpoint are very hard to counter and adjust for.

His physical attributes  which normally wouldn’t translate to the next level from a premier “size” perspective needs to be discuss further as his quickness, change of pace, jumping ability, ball skills and overall athleticism are all next level and translate – not AI quick, but we are talking that neighborhood.  This all means that with added height we are likely looking at a top player for years to come.

As a special added gift to any team lucky enough to obtain his services he plays just as hard on the defensive end as he does on offense and with his foot speed and quickness he is very pesky and a difference maker in that aspect.  As well Tyger loves to pass – and does it with great vision and a playground flair; seeing things and making things happen flat out that others can’t.  Bottom-line this kid is a very unique and special player that must be paid attention to moving forward; he is not your dime a dozen point guard; he is something way more than that – he get the Nationally acclaimed "P2 Future Star Guarantee".
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