Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nobel Days - A New Day is Dawning

Days is a center with unbelievable size. He is long, athletic and runs the floor well and on a consistent basis. He is excellent with his back to the basket in the low post, as well as trialing on the break, and in screen/roll situations where he is becoming a  threat to knock down the 12 to 15 footer.   In today’s game Nobel is a throwback player and his old fashion back to the basket style reminds you a young Tim Duncan.  Whereas many projections relate to Mid or High Major College programs – Days projections consist of pro possibilities.  A member of the class of 2019 Nobel Days stands an imposing 6’9” with extreme length already; he happily focuses on shot-blocking where he displays remarkable timing and rebounding - where he is currently playing exclusively above the rim. Regardless of touches on the offensive end, where P2 believes he can be unstoppable, he happily and continuously plays with maximum effort.  Nobel continues to improve by leaps and bounds the more he plays. He is swiftly improving his speed and timing on both end of the court and impacts the game on both ends in an array of different ways without needing the ball in his hands.  Days is able to outlet the ball three quarters court with a flick of the wrist already and with his dominance on the boards he is responsible for many transition opportunities. The list of qualities also includes tremendously soft hands, a tremendous attitude, and a humble soft spoken personality.  Nobel is a great prospect, but an even better person – quality family, there is no question whatsoever that this will be one of the most sought after prospects in the coming years; again pro potential with added strength and focused work.   There is no one in this class that has this size, no one who possesses his overall post skill set, and no better player at this position than Days.  It would be wise for colleges to put Days on all national boards immediately and  without fail; as good as he currently is, he will only become better with experience verses quality competition. Playing in the highly competitive NYBL he is already being groomed against the best in the nation; the country should be aware and the competition very nervous.  There may be only one way to stop him in the future see below to find out how!



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