Monday, March 24, 2014

International Man of Intrigue – Rowan Barrett Jr.

The class of 2019 continues to "wow" with immense talent from the scoring wing position; Jordan Mitchell (Ohio), Scottie Lewis (New Jersey) continue to take media headlines but there is a "New Kid on the Block" and his name is Rowan Barrett Jr. out Brampton, Canada.   By his play on the court clearly Barrett Jr. can immediately be considered amongst the best in the class; top 5 even.  His arsenal is jaw-dropping and his maturity is that of a seasoned veteran.  He plays the game like he’s been here before and nothing rattles or disrupts his intense approach to each possession.   "Passionate" and "hungry" are two words that describe this immense talent – couple that with size, length, and skill; he has all the tools to be considered a star and a premier national prospect; again arguably a top 3 to 5 prospect right out the gate – Dad is a former Canadian Olympian (teammates of 3-time NBA MVP Steve Nash – Phoenix Suns/LA Lakers) who stands a towing 6’7; wants his son to play more in the states to grow and to prove he should be mentioned with the best in the nation.  P2 resoundingly agrees as do professionals throughout the industry, that he is there already. 

Rowan Barrett Jr. is a complete player and leader who plays the games like former Michigan star Jalen Rose except with a quicker release on the jump shot; already 6'4 the Canadian is a very mature and poised basketball player on the court. He makes the players around him better and affects the game by taking what the defense gives. He can impress you with individual excellence and scoring prowess, but can be just as effective running the team in the offense or in pick and roll situations or by simply nailing the open jumper.  He is a player you have to see more than once to truly appreciate his game. He is like a chameleon – his game adapts to the competition he is facing.  Barrett is the true definition of a combination guard. He handles, he scores in a variety of ways, he runs the team, and he gets to the rim with quick slashes and sweet athletic maneuvers where he can finish with either hand. His mid-range game is smooth and includes a step back jumper and his range extends well beyond the three point line. CIA Bounce is the team that usually boast players of this skill level; but the Brampton Warriors members of NYBL are currently showcasing Barrett Jr.'s talents - is he ready to "Take his Talents to South Beach?"; not yet - but we are very certain he will be taking them to a High Major very soon.  Remember where you heard it when it happens.

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