Thursday, February 6, 2014

Big Men in MD. - You Can't Coach This Man!

The one thing no basketball coach in America has mastered coaching is height & size.  Maryland’s 2019 class boast two top notch big’s that should be on everyone’s radar.

Cole Mattiesen (6’5)–  Cole is currently ranked on #5 in P2’s class of 2019 and has impressed continuously each time we see him.  As the game continues to move toward a more perimeter orientated style, Mattiesen is an old school back to the basket postman.  Cole processes excellent size and shoulders for future growth. He is long, athletic and runs the floor well and on a consistent basis. He excels facing the basket in the low post, is a viable option trialing on the break, and plays the screen and roll game with smoothness and intelligence – when playing in this situation he is a threat to known competitors.  The problem is Cole may be one of the best kept secrets in the country.  So skilled for a post player at this stage his offensive post moves are extremely advanced, couple this with his ability to shoot to 12 feet and put the ball on the floor; his scoring ability versus traditional post players in his class is well above average.  A relentless rebounder on both ends as well as shot blocker and changer, Cole can impact a game in a multitude of ways without commanding touches.  A top notch student who places a high priority on school and family will most certainly be one of the most sought after players from the time he steps on a High School campus.  Needless to say the suitors are many.
Andrew Allmond (6’4) – Andrew is a wide body post that is starting to move extremely well for his size. He has continued to work hard on his hands and when he catches he is able to score through contact with his back to the basket. Almond rebounds well in his area and is improving each time we see him as a passer out of the post.   Andrew has broad shoulders, nice length, and solid feet. He is a blue-collar worker who will be able to dominate once he learns to play every possession, even if isn’t touching the ball.  When he does get the ball in the post he fan finish with either hand and can drop in the occasional jump hook.  P2 likes the potential we see here, he plays a tough national schedule that will continue to make him better.  His sheer size makes him one to watch and we are confident he will continue to grow physically and mentally which will make him a very scary player to face in the future.

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