Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SUPERSTAR ALERT: Scottie "The Future" Lewis America's Next Big Thing

360 Dunks are not usually in a 7th graders rapporteur; but Scottie Lewis is not your typical 7th graders.  Lewis who recently relocated from Georgia to New Jersey is our fastest rising player jumping over 40 spots into the top 10 in his class of 2019.  A raw talent when first evaluated, Lewis has blossomed into an unstoppable force – standing at a true and legit 6’4 with a Durant like wingspan Lewis has expanded his game dramatically.  A strong handle and next level finishing skills make him scary in transition; dangerous around the basket with both hands he is not afraid of contact and will go over you if the situation necessitates…he is one of a handful of players who can do this at this level consistently.  Scottie continues to improve on his jumper and we see his mechanics improving each time out, he is fluid off the catch and impossible to stop off the bounce with this length and high release point.  Still humble Scottie plays both ends of the floor with equal effectiveness changing shots, blocking shots, and playing the passing lanes.  Prolific Performance believes Scottie has only begun to fulfill his enormous potential and has all the tools to become the #1 player in his class, with his size, athletic ability, and the versatility of his skill set coupled with a frame that looks to be able to handle more weight (size 16 shoe already) – Lewis will be sought after and feared for many years to come.  At P2 we believe that Lewis will be a future two guard and one of the best in the country for years to come. 

At Prolific Performance Lewis will be known to us as "The  Future".
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