Sunday, January 26, 2014

Elijah Hardy repping "The Town"

Prolific Performance has no East Coast bias, especially when face to face with Oakland, Ca. point guard Elijah Hardy.  One word can describe Hardy’s game…”Nasty”; Elijah plays with an edge – possibly due to the lack of respect he has received nationally.  In evaluating Hardy we were impressed by his motor, his baseline to baseline speed and his deceptive sideline to sideline quickness.  Combine this with his creative and unique handle Hardy can play with anyone in this age group on either coast.  We were impressed with his court vision, his EFFECTIVE Showtime flare to passing and his willingness to share the ball as a pass first approach even in an all-star setting.  Some of the passes we have seen him make remind you of another famous West Coast point guard.  Make no doubt about it Hardy does possess scoring ability, especially at the bucket where he is an excellent finisher but also on the perimeter.  The lefthanders stoke consistency (shooting the same shot every time) needs work and his range must be extended especially off the bounce, but with such a quick first step, the respect his court vision garners, and the handles he exhibits he is often shooting with defenders on their heels anyway.  His natural ability to see the court and superior passing has Prolific Performance slating him as a point who can take on scoring responsibility and defend the position at the next level.
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